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Workshop on "Quality Culture" in Dubai on 27 October 2016

EQAA is organising a workshop on "How to Create and Embed a Quality Culture in Universities".


Quality is one of the foremost concerns of universities worldwide and in the Gulf region. Becoming and remaining attractive for young people, faculty, staff as well as partner institutions from the region and around the world requires a constant improvement of quality. Quality of higher education is also the hallmark for a successful contribution to employment and economy. But how does a university become a high quality university?

Universities are placing a lot of efforts into projects and initiatives relating to quality. Yet, often they struggle to foster an institution-wide commitment to improvement. Sustainable and continuously improving quality cannot be achieved through mere structural reforms and initiatives. A university needs to nurture and grow its inherent quality culture, which is absorbed and internalised by all levels of governance, across all disciplines and including all departments and every member of faculty and staff.

This workshop is dedicated to the development and enhancement of institutional quality culture. It will equip participants with ideas and strategies that will help to create such a culture and fully embed it in all areas of the operations of a university.